Skincare mistakes

7 Tips to take to avoid making those common mistakes

Double Cleansing

The extra step is all the recent craze, we’ll tell you why. Double cleansing is the step used to take prior to cleansing. It comes in an array of forms: cleansing oil, balm, and or micellar water. This follows with an actual cleanser. This extra step sounds tedious, but it’s the best way to remove makeup, oil, dirt, sweat, bacteria, and any grime built up and left after a long day.

Not separating makeup removing from eyes

Your makeup removing routine includes wiping your face with a cotton pad all at the same time. Or more so, you may go directly to cleansing your face. Pay extra attention to your eyes because these both are the wrong way to go about removing your makeup. Eye makeup is harder to remove and needs a gentler approach.  

Washing with Bar Soap

Still using bar soap? It’s time to toss the old out and bring in a good cleanser. It’s doing more harm than any good for your skin. Bar soap quickly strips your skin of all water, leading to buildup of dead skin cells. It also does the opposite of what exfoliating intends for.

Not applying moisturizer/product immediately after cleansing

If moisturizer isn’t applied within the first 60 seconds after cleansing, you are too late. Skin becomes easily dehydrated after cleansing, so it’s crucial to moisturize while skin is still damp. Immediate moisturizing will avoid the skin tight feeling after a hot shower or face washing.

Rubbing products too aggressively

Skincare products don’t need to be rubbed in harshly. Rubbing products in too hard won’t make it any more effective. It can actually cause unwanted irritation. Product application should be gentle, upward strokes on the face and neck.

If you can recognize, the skin surrounding your eyes is much more delicate and thinner than the remainder of your skin.

Make sure to use a remover specifically for eye makeup.

Too much product

The “less is more” rule applies to applying the product on your skin. Taking care of your skin can be looked forward to at this time, but you may get carried away and use too much of one, or all products. The extent of how much product you use is reliant on your skin type.

Applying too much of a product such as a moisturizer can lead to breakouts. All you need is a coin-sized of each product to work its magic.

Forgetting your neck!

Think skincare stops at your jawline? Wrong, your neck needs attention too! The skin on your neck is just as fragile as the skin surrounding your eyes. It can also age faster than other parts of your skin… so don’t skimp on applying moisturizer to your neck as well as sunscreen and serum.