How to Care for your Skin the Right Way

Did you know that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body, skin is delicate and it needs constant care. Winter months are particularly hard on the skin as the cold, dry winter air hits the skin all day making it flaky and dry. In this blog, we will share our best skincare tips for a flawless ravishing skin!

Know your Skin Type

Many of you have different ways to determine your particular skin type. You may assume you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. But, are you aware of your skin type? Knowing your skin type has several benefits next time you find yourself in the cosmetic aisle looking for the right makeup. It’s essential to correctly determine your skin type to avoid using the wrong products and beauty treatments because a beauty tip or a product that works wonders for dry skin might have completely different effects ifused by someone with sensitive skin.

Build a Daily Routine for Nourishing and Protecting the Skin

Regardless of the skin type, daily routine for protecting your skin can help maintain and protect the skin health. With routine care, you can get rid of several skin problems including dark spots, acne, scarring and flaky skin. The routine you want to develop must include the basic steps that you can do once in the morning and once before going to bed, which include:

Cleansing your Skin

Start with choosing a high-quality cleanser for your skin that doesn’t dry up and tighten the skin. Clean and wash your face at least twice a day during your skincare routine. For those with dry skin, you don’t have to wash your face twice a day if you don’t wear makeup. Do not use harmful soaps that can reduce the level of your skin’s natural oils. Cleansers like Cetaphil is an excellent option for keeping your skin nourished and clean.

Always Use Sunscreen When Stepping Outdoors

Sunscreen is the only thing that protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun during the day in winter and summer. To keep your skin healthy and beautiful use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, fifteen minutes before stepping out into the sun. Surprisingly, darker skin stones require more sun protection because the hyperpigmentation is much tougher to correct. It’s very important to choose a sunscreen that’s according to your skin type.

Moisturizers are Essential for the Beauty of your Skin

Moisturizer is an absolutely indispensable part of every skin protection and care routine there is! It’s so important that those with oily skin need it too. If you have a dry skin then use a gel-based and non-comedogenic moisturizer that does not block the skin pores.

Staying Hydrated is Key

Hydration is the core element to getting a skin that shines. Drink lots of water in summers to avoid dehydration. Water purifies our bodies from dangerous toxic waste materials. drinking lots of plain or detox water must be an important part of your skincare routine

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